Central Valley Science Project

A "Professional Home" for K-16 teachers of science.

Serving the Greater Fresno Area and the San Joaquin Valley of California

Sanger Community Science Workshop

750 N Street, Sanger, California


SAM Academy is a Community Science Workshop (CSW) located in Sanger, California and is one of seven located in California. All of the CSWs in California are organized as collaboration sites under the CSW Network, which serves as a statewide infrastructure for supporting and growing CSW sites so that California’s most disadvantaged youth have access to high-quality, science-rich learning experiences. SAM Academy and Community Science Workshops Network targets the underrepresentation, preparation, and participation of minority youth in the rural and urban communities of the Central San Joaquin Valley. A critical feature of the SAM Academy program is the strong collaborations and partnerships brought together by SAM Academy and the CSW Network to create access for youth in communities that previously had few STEM opportunities to offer them.  

As youth participating in SAM Academy programs work together on STEM, music, or art projects, they will help each other to learn, to develop positive attitudes, and to succeed. This model affords youth from impacted rural neighborhoods additional opportunities to delve deeply into key elements of learning, such as cooperation, initiative and curiosity, persistence and attentiveness, expression, and envisioning.

The K-12 Science Education Framework and the Next Generation Science Standards will be the context for STEM learning and engagement with the scientific and engineering practices usually only afforded privileged youth. Both drop-in and outreach aspects of our programs focus on providing different venues and volitional settings in which children may explore interests and develop relationships with caring mentors.


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