Central Valley Science Project

A "Professional Home" for K-16 teachers of science.

Fresno and Central Valley Science

Spring and Summer Camps for Kids


Spring and Summer 2017

STEM & Arts Young Maker Camps



Science, Art & Young Maker Camps 


Coding & Robotics Camps 


750 N St., Sanger, California

(Next door to the Sanger Herald)


Kids will have fun and learn in unique one-week camps with a focus on science and engineering projects, visual art projects, making and environmental education designed by SAM Academy in Sanger.


Coding/Robotics Camps teach basic coding, programming, logic, and robotics design through the use of a Raspberry Pi microcomputer. Kids will build and take home a Raspberry Pi powered robot for further explorations at home. 


STEM & Arts Young Maker Camps - $185.00 

Coding and Robotics Camp - $195.00


Sanger resident student discount applications available upon request. Proof of Sanger residence required (contingent upon continued funding from Measure S


Spring camp - April 10-12, 2017

Summer camp is 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday

 Download 2016 application here:



Languages spoken: English and Spanish



Please call SAM Academy at 559-399-3090 or visit our website - www.cvsamacademy.org


Email questions to: info@cvsamacademy.org

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